August 23, 2022

By Bikham Academia

Reasons to Work as an Overseas Nurse in the NHS

Working as an overseas nurse with the NHS has benefits that you will savor forever. By working in one of the world’s leading healthcare system, you will be providing high-quality care that is freely accessible to everyone in the country. Working in the NHS is not only a matter of prestige but respect, healthy pay, and benefits that it has on offer. By partnering with Bikham Academia, you’ll receive assistance with every aspect of your move to the UK. So if you are a nurse in India, Cambodia, or anywhere else in the world, moving to make your career with the NHS in the UK can never be this simple. Below are some reasons as why you should consider working in the NHS as an overseas nurse.

Guaranteed Long-Term Contract

Working in the NHS will get you an initial three-year contract. This gives you the long-term financial security that you need to move and live in the UK. This contract often gets renewed, with some international nurses working in the same NHS trust for over a decade.

Manageable Work Hours

Nurses working in the NHS have a standard working week of 37.5 hours, meaning nurses lead a healthy work-life. However, if they wish to work some extra hours, they are rewarded with allowances for every hour of overtime that they work. If a nurse works on holidays like Sundays, they are paid 60 percent more, while those who choose to work during the night and Saturdays are paid 30 percent.

Impressive Salary

NHS rewards its nurses with a Band 5 Staff Nurse salary in the range of £22,128 to £28,746 annually, depending upon the place you are working in the UK and whether you have a PIN number or not.

Paid Holidays

The NHS has some of the best paid holidays on offer. As a nurse in the NHS, you get 27 paid holidays every year. Also, nurses are paid for eight bank holidays each year. Therefore, nurses get 35 paid holidays every year. After working for five years the number increases to 29. And, after ten years, it further goes to 33 days.

Paid Training

The training you undertake for government mandatory tests like CBT and OSCE are completely funded by your employer in the UK.

On-site Accommodation

Moving to a new place, away from home, can be stressful. This is why nurses are awarded an eight-week settlement period free of cost, so they can get comfortable with the environment and consider it as their home.

A healthy pension scheme

Nurses in the NHS get rewarded with some of the most comprehensive pension schemes in the UK. As a new NHS nurse, you will be enrolled automatically from day one of your employment. These pension schemes are protected against inflation and are guaranteed by the government to ensure that your retirement is as vibrant as your joining day.