Common Questions

  • What are Bikham Academia’s eligibility requirements?

    You need to have a minimum of a GNM plus 1 year of clinical work experience and be a RN.

  • Are there any other tests I will have to take in UK?

    Once you have reached UK and gained employment you will have to undertake OSCE (Organized Structured Clinical Examination).

  • What is the OET passing score for nurses in UK?

    The passing score for OET is Grade B for all 4 sub tests (modules).

  • Will PTE passing score be acceptable criteria for a job?

    PTE scores are not recognized as an eligibility factor for a job in UK. IELTS and OET scores are recognized.

  • What are the eligibility requirements to work as a nurse in the UK?

    You need to have:

    • Successfully completed a nursing education
    • Achieved the required scores in one of the accepted English languages tests by the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC), in each of the four skills of reading, writing, listening and speaking
    • Passed the test of competence part one (CBT) and part two: Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE)
    • 1 year of clinical nursing experience

  • Are CoS and Offer Letter different?

    Yes, CoS and Offer letter are two different things: CoS is a Sponsorship Certificate which will be issued to you by your employer. It will represent that the employer wants you to work with them. Offer letter is given by your employer as well but it contains the joining details and other facilities which will be provided to you once you accept the offer letter and start working for them. NOTE: One can apply for the CoS after one has signed their Offer letter.

  • How will my interview be conducted?

    Your interview will be conducted via Skype.

  • Where will the CBT/OSCE exams take place?

    The CBT can be taken in India in an authorized center. However, OSCE will be conducted in UK.

  • What if my registration with NMC has lapsed?

    In case your registration has lapsed you will need to apply for readmission. The process of readmission may take several weeks. Meanwhile you are not allowed to work as a nurse, midwife or a nursing associate.

  • Which Tier visa will I be issued?

    A Tier 2 (Work) visa will be issued to you as you will be going to UK as a working professional.

  • Do I have to stay with my employer for the entire duration of the contract?

    Yes, but if you wish to leave your employer you have to pay back the money which has been invested in you by the NHS Trust. On the other hand, it is also at the employer’s discretion.

  • Can my spouse and children apply at the same time?

    They can apply as your dependents provided they meet the relationship, maintenance and other relevant requirements. They do not need an IELTS/OET certificate nor a Certificate of Sponsorship from any employer. NOTE: There are constant updates in the UK immigration requirements so this answer can change with time.