UK Lifestyle and English

Why you need this course?

How can healthcare professionals be better prepared for life in the UK?

That’s the question we have answered for you. Passing internationally standardized English proficiency tests and having a good knowledge of your jobs is not enough. A huge cultural gap needs to be taken care of before you reach the UK, and not after.

You will be trained in three main areas:


An academic aspect of internationalism has emerged. Unfortunately, its importance has not yet been fully appreciated.

Bikham Academia knows that you are probably unaware of the vast array of cultures in the UK. That can make your transition difficult.

  • How do you establish a good Interpersonal Relationship (IPR) with a patient if you’re not sure what conversations are rude to initiate in the UK?
  • What terms, phrases or words are accepted here but not in the UK?
  • If someone addresses you as ‘love’, it can be a warm greeting.

Internationalism is a lifestyle at Bikham Academia, and we’ll get you ready!

There are differences in language, social customs, accents, personality traits and general knowledge that are not taught anywhere else. This can adversely affect your performance at work, and in living a comfortable life. We make sure you are equipped enough with the basics, both linguistic and traditional so that you can face a new life confidently. We make sure Healthcare professionals like yourselves will be able to connect with friends, family and clients more effectively.

Get the consciousness out of you! Know how to manage your life there before you go.