June 23, 2022

By Bikham Academia

If This Doesn’t Convince You Into Working In The UK, Nothing Will

Seeing a large number of tourists every year, the UK is a great place to visit. But, it is even a better place to work. If you have not visited the country or are looking to make the big move in your nursing career, the information below includes some reasons why you should consider working in the UK.

Get acquainted with the country’s unique blend

Located off the north-western European Coast, the country is a cultural melting pot, home to over 66 million people. Made up of four different countries namely, Wales, England, Scotland, and Northern Ireland, the UK is rich in heritage and has a unique blend of history and culture. Places like Manchester, Belfast, and Edinburgh offer plenty in the way of entertainment as well as potential employment opportunities for nurses and other allied health professionals.

Best of the best is here

One of the top reasons, UK should be on top of your wishlist is because it is the hub of some of the world’s leading corporations including Google, and Linkedin. Catering to your interest is one of the world’s most valued healthcare systems- the NHS. From the fantastic contacts that you will make while living and working in the UK to the experiences you will gain, this country is the place to be to get ahead. The UK makes you more employable and opens up opportunities that you may never have dreamed of.

See the best tourist attractions without being a tourist

If you get a chance to work in the capital city- London, you will see all of the greatest attractions that people travel to the country to capture, every single day. Whether it’s walking past the Buckingham Palace on your commute to the office or hearing the Big Ben chime signifying your lunch break, working in the UK will mean that you experience more of these attractions every day, that too without being a tourist yourself. How cool is that? Even the rural areas, and the National Parks, like the Lake District and Peak District in England, house areas of outstanding natural beauty that are difficult to match with places elsewhere on the planet. They are even more perfect if you favor a quieter lifestyle or prefer to spend your downtime away from the city. So, it doesn’t matter you are on the bigger side of the daily hustle or at the quieter side of the country, there’s something for everyone.

A fat paycheque to meet your fat expenses

While there is so much to travel and see, the fat expenses will surely make you wonder how you’re going to pay for it all. Fortunately, working in the UK is itself a solution. Living in cities like London comes with a cost but also with a fair share of benefits such as a fat paycheque to compensate for those fat expenses. With an average annual wage of £32,500 for registered nurses in the NHS, the UK promises to look after your expenses as well.