About Us

Bikham Academia is the Education and Recruitment Vertical of the Bikham Group. For more than 18 years, Bikham has been a part of the Healthcare sector with Medical Billing, Revenue Cycle Management, Credentialing and also a Path Lab in Maryland, USA.

We ensure our candidate Healthcare professionals find the perfect fit for their future careers. A combination of training, immigration and placement services enable our candidates to successfully immigrate, work and live internationally. As an Academic institute and a specialist Healthcare professional recruitment agency, we understand the necessity for high standards in academics and staffing. We make sure we provide that.

If you’re a Registered Healthcare provider and wish to work around the world, we’re the right place to help you!

Services & Highlights

Comprehensive Training Structure

Get ready to enjoy a unique and personalized learning journey that better prepares you to reach your destination. We go beyond the training norm to provide you with a complete package.

Exceptional Growth Opportunities

We make sure you leave here with more options, greater goals and incredible opportunities you didn’t know existed.

No more Overworked, Underpaid Jobs

You’re working long hours. You’re short-staffed and not paid enough right now. It’s time to change that and we will do that for you. You should be enjoying your job

World-class Faculty

Nothing matters if you don’t learn from a Faculty that can meet your needs. Whether it is the experience in the field or knowledge of where you are going, there’s always going to be somewhere here to help.

Large Number of Work Locations

You have many places you can go and follow your career goals. Finding the perfect job where you’ll be doing what you love is difficult. You just do your part and we’ll make sure you get there.

Immigration Assistance

The process involves more than just paperwork and some tests. We ensure that everything involved in the process is covered and expedited. We’ll take care of it all!

Process Journey


Working in a hospital in India

What you are doing right now.


Come to us

You start here


Occupational English Test (OET)

Accepted globally, this test is similar to the IELTS but focused on healthcare. We’ll train you with Bikham’s personalized and extensive curriculum


Nursing Computer Based Test (CBT) training

A UK required MCQ based exam which will take you through the basics of your theoretical knowledge.


Nursing & Midwifery Council (NMC) Registration Assistance

We’ll help you get registered with UK’s professional regulator of nurses, midwives and the quality of skills needed to deliver highly standardized care to patients.


Interview Process

You can’t get a job without an interview. Our experienced academicians will make sure you give the best interview you can give, and with confidence.


Job Offer letter from the UK

Finally the letter you want to read! You’ll have a job in the UK before you leave India.


Placement, Visa and Travel Assistance

You need the right paperwork and you need to get on a flight to the UK. Not to worry. We’ll help you with that.


Working in a hospital in the UK

It’s done!


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Rupali Pawar
Meenakshi Dadwal