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Are you an aspiring Nurse looking for a career in UK?

At Bikham Academia, we empower our candidate nurses to find the perfect fit for their future career in UK. A combination of training, immigration and placement services enables our candidates to successfully immigrate, work and live in the UK. As a specialist health care professional recruitment agency, we understand the necessity for high standards in staffing within the National Health Services (NHS) and private healthcare sector.
Because our team only works in the healthcare sector, we are experts in the steps you need to take to pursue the career of your dreams. Our team aims to help our candidates every step of the way, providing an excellent experience from the initial application process to placement, to interviews, and through their arrival.


comprehensive and flexible training module

Comprehensive Training Structure

The syllabi for the program are divided and designed for the different elements we train you in. These include the OET, Nursing CBT, Interview Preparation, Accent Neutralization and much more. At the same time, we have made sure that these are integrated in the most efficient way so that you are fully prepared to become working professionals overseas.

exceptional growth opportunities

Exceptional Growth Opportunities

There are numerous nursing career options among some of the UK’s top NHS hospitals and other healthcare institutions with attractive salary packages. Taking into consideration the shortage of nurses in the UK, you can be assured that there is a job available there in the department you want to work in. Take a look at some of your opportunities here


No more Overworked, Underpaid Jobs

Once you pass our program, you will be well on your way to working in a NHS hospital in the UK. That is very different from the work environment you are in now. You will be working structured shifts and getting paid a healthy amount. Have a look at some salaries for different positions in different areas of the UK here.

World Class Faculty

World-class Faculty

We have a team of leading academicians in the field of Nursing as well as the English language. The Faculty includes ex-PGI professors and linguistic specialists of international repute with multi-cultural exposure so that you will be ready to face the UK job market.

Large Number of Work Locations

Large Number of Work Locations

Choose from a long list of work locations in the UK where you would want to work or maybe even settle. We have a large enough network in the UK so you can choose your dream locality.

Immigration Assistance

Immigration Assistance

Our team assists you through the Tier 2 Visa application process to get you started at your desired work location. Should you ever want your family to be there, we’re here to help.

Did You Know?

Process Journey

Step 01

Working in a hospital in India

What you are doing right now.

Step 02

Register with us

Come here to start.

Step 03

Occupational English Test (OET) training 2 months

Accepted globally, this test is similar to the IELTS but focused on healthcare. We’ll train you with Bikham’s personalized and extensive curriculum not available anywhere else.

Step 04

Nursing Computer Based Test (CBT) training 1 month

A UK required MCQ based exam which will take you through the basics of your theoretical knowledge.

Step 05

Nursing & Midwifery Council (NMC) Registration Assistance

We’ll help you get registered with UK’s professional regulator of nurses, midwives and the quality of skills needed to deliver highly standardized care to patients.

Step 06

Interview Process

You can’t get a job without an interview. Our experienced academicians will make sure you give the best interview you can give, and with confidence.

Step 07

Job Offer letter from the UK

Finally the letter you want to read! You’ll have a job in the UK before you leave India.

Step 08

Placement, Visa and Travel Assistance

You need the right paperwork and you need to get on a flight to the UK. Not to worry. We’ll help you with that.

Step 09

Working in a hospital in the UK

It’s done!


We help nursing candidates navigate through the entire immigration process. We offer world-class training to get you to the doors of your dream career.



Comprehensive training modules tailored according to your needs, enable smooth transition of our candidates into the UK. We offer world-class training programs to assist you with CBT & OET. We also extend our support to assist with the application and interview preparation so as to help you get rid of those nerves.



Our solicitors specialize in all aspects of UK immigration including visa applications, sponsor licenses, duties & compliance, permanent residence and British Citizenship applications. We will help get you there!


Job Placement

We partnership with an ever-increasing number of NHS Trusts and other care providers and work with a number of clients across the UK. Our team specializes and succeeds in matching their specific requirements and specialize in providing you with the right job role.

We specialize in nurturing nursing talent in India by training, and placing it at the best NHS hospitals in the best locations across the UK.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You need to have a minimum of a GNM plus 1 year of clinical work experience and be a RN.
Once you have reached UK and gained employment you will have to undertake OSCE (Organized Structured Clinical Examination).
The passing score for OET is Grade B for all 4 sub tests (modules).
PTE scores are not recognized as an eligibility factor for a job in UK. IELTS and OET scores are recognized.
In case your registration has lapsed you will need to apply for readmission.
The process of readmission may take several weeks. Meanwhile you are not allowed to work as a nurse, midwife or a nursing associate.
Yes, CoS and Offer letter are two different things:
CoS is a Sponsorship Certificate which will be issued to you by your employer. It will represent that the employer wants you to work with them.
Offer letter is given by your employer as well but it contains the joining details and other facilities which will be provided to you once you accept the offer letter and start working for them.
NOTE: One can apply for the CoS after one has signed their Offer letter.
Your interview will be conducted via Skype.
The CBT can be taken in India in an authorized center. However, OSCE will be conducted in UK.

You need to have:

  • Successfully completed a nursing education
  • Achieved the required scores in one of the accepted English languages tests by the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC), in each of the four skills of reading, writing, listening and speaking
  • Passed the test of competence part one (CBT) and part two: Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE)
  • 1 year of clinical nursing experience
A Tier 2 (Work) visa will be issued to you as you will be going to UK as a working professional.
Yes, but if you wish to leave your employer you have to pay back the money which has been invested in you by the NHS Trust. On the other hand, it is also at the employer’s discretion.
They can apply as your dependents provided they meet the relationship, maintenance and other relevant requirements. They do not need an IELTS/OET certificate nor a Certificate of Sponsorship from any employer.
NOTE: There are constant updates in the UK immigration requirements so this answer can change with time.

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