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Why Choose Medical Billing?


Medical Billing is an upcoming field with vast career opportunities and to explore them, there is no need to spend too much time or fortune. Bikham Academia's goal is to offer affordable and quality education to its students and enabling them to head-start their career, with in house and other placement opportunities with big names in the industry, after they get certified. The programs here, ensure flexibility and an optimum pace for each individual learner. In just 3 months you could become a professional, Medical Biller fully capable of handling, the complete array of job responsibilities of a Medical Billing Specialist.


What happens after Certification?

Our HR team is constantly in touch with you, to help place you either In-House or in esteemed Medical Billing companies and organizations from all across the country. In-fact the process starts one week before your certification ceremony. The Pre-Assessment happens at the end of the course and all candidates who pass the pre-assessment go into the placement round.

We make sure you pass the Pre-assessment! And by any chance if you don’t, we give you another 2 weeks of extensive brush up and practicals, which enables you to pass after the course completion.

We have tie ups with Top Medical Billing companies from across the country, to name a few, R1RCM Delhi, Pacific BPO Delhi , Ascent Solutions Nagpur, IDS Mohali, Gebbs Healthcare Mumbai etc.

Bikham Academia is proudly associated with ASA college New York, one of the best specialized medical billing educational institutes in the US. Get 3 months of your medical billing certification in India and you will be job ready to go overseas. Complete your studies further with ASA and get a white collar and lucrative job in the Healthcare Industry in the US.

Reasons to Get your Training from us

Bikham Academia Education

Expert Faculty

Get trained by certified Medical Billing specialists and develop the perfect skillset to secure your career.


Employability Skills

We inculcate all the skills necessary for you to gain employment and improvise you, as per the industry’s demands.


Job Placement

No more job hunts after getting certified. We ensure your placement as a Medical Billing professional once you complete the course.

Course Details


The Healthcare Industry is on the rise & so is the demand for Certified Professional Billers. Get that certification and grow your career with well paid jobs in the Healthcare Industry with handsome starting salaries and the fastest chance to climb up the corporate ladder.
Learn about Medical Billing with our professionally certified billers.

Our training courses teach the core fundamentals of Medical Billing to prepare you for certification & help you establish a career in the Healthcare Industry.
We are currently running two Batches.


Voice and Accent training is an upcoming skill improvement function in Medical Billing BPO companies. V&A training strengthens the basic concepts of the English alphabet and inculcates the key phonetic skills, needed to enhance one’s overall communication skills.
Some of the salient features of Bikham's V&A training are, accent neutralization, telephone and telesales etiquette, intonations, rate of speech, types of speech, pronunciation errors, speech fluency, interaction skills and relationship building.





Making learning sessions engaging and interesting with entertaining activities and games on a
weekly basis with Fun Fridays/No Mundane-ness Mondays.

Discounts and Coupons for Lunches and Dinners in local restaurants for students

Lucky Draws and Vouchers for students to go shop their hearts out at the local malls.



No. Don’t be confused between Medical Billing and Medical Coding. Generic courses lump together billing, coding and terminology, but each one needs separate skills.

Yes. Our students are trained using both ICD9 and ICD10 classifications. The government updated the classification from ICD-9 to ICD-10 and made it effective from October 1, 2015. ICD Classification:
ICD stands for International Classification of Disease and is a list of up to seven-character alphanumeric codes to describe every diagnoses.

No, you will not. We would provide you with the complete resources for the course as well as internet look-Up databases. Even after the course, you won’t need these books, until you start your own Medical Billing business.

Medical Coding and Billing specialists work for doctor’s offices, clinics, hospitals, or can even be self-employed. Once you finish this course, you would be provided with placement opportunities to kick-start your career, both inside our organization or in top Medical Billing countries across the nation.

Medical Billers organize and manage health and insurance data for hospitals or private practices. Their tasks include patient chart analysis, insurance reimbursement, Medical Billing using the legal classification system, claims adjustment, payment entry, etc.

Medical Industry is progressing at a very fast pace, and there is an ever increasing need of such professionals across the globe.



With over 14 years of extensive experience in the BPO / KPO service industry segments like Medical Billing, Finance & Accounting, International customer service and Lead generation etc, with over 1500 clients worldwide, Bikham has pioneered the US Healthcare Industry, specifically in the Revenue Cycle Management and Medical Billing segments, and is all set to produce immaculately empowered Medical Billing specialists. Being one of the fastest growing BPO industries, India has extensive requirements for Medical Billing specialists. To fulfill this never ending need, we train and guide young minds and equip them to master the field and get placed in esteemed organizations from across the country. If you wish to think outside the box and push your boundaries, we are here to help you learn and grow.

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