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Lifestyle English

OET, IELTS, TOEFL, PTE and any other English test for overseas are one thing. There’s a whole other English which is rarely taught, and you need it. Bikham Academia helps with it.

Here’s a fun example. Imagine you’re at work in your nice hospital and your new friend Sandra says:

"Alright love? Look, I've gotta go to the loo. I'll be back in a jiffy. Honestly, it's been a crazy shift. I'm knackered. Go have a look at Mr.Richards in ICU, will you. He's driving me bonkers. Honestly, he's mad, he is. Thanks love."

Bikham Academia’s Lifestyle English translation:

'Hello dear. How are you? I've got to go to the washroom. I'll be back in a minute. It's been a really difficult shift, believe me. I'm exhausted. Go take care of Mr.Richards in ICU please. He's driving me crazy. Seriously, he's a very difficult person to deal with. Thank you dear.'

We call it 'Lifestyle English'. You will rarely speak like you did in your OET module in real life. You will talk to people in places other than the hospital you work in. Imagine yourself talking in ‘OET English’ in a café in the UK! So, Bikham Academia helps you understand and learn the everyday language and slang needed to speak English for work, travel and socializing.

Our ‘Lifestyle English’ will be touched upon time and time again throughout the program so that you understand Sandra and you can quickly go help Mr.Richards!

Of course it will help you in your work environment, but it will help in teaching you about interacting in English effectively outside that environment. Then you can get things done in many different situations.

There will obviously be cross-cultural communication breakdowns in any relationship, professional or social, when you reach the UK. And you don’t want to be stuck staring at someone wondering what they’re saying!

We take you places