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Until about a decade ago, ‘internationalism’ had been a word which was primarily related to political interactions between nations. Now an academic aspect of it has emerged. Unfortunately, its importance has not yet been fully appreciated.

Bikham Academia knows that you, as a student going overseas, are probably unaware of the vast array of cultures in the UK. That can be scary and make your transition and assimilation there very difficult.

  • As a nurse, how do you establish a good Interpersonal Relationship (IPR) with a patient if you’re not sure what conversations are rude to initiate in the UK?
  • What terms, phrases or words are politically correct here but not in the UK?
  • If someone addresses you as ‘love’, it is not necessarily a term of endearment. It’s part of a warm and pleasant greeting.
  • If you go out with some friends to a pub, do you tip the bar staff?
  • As a nurse, can you prescribe medication?

There is no set curriculum for internationalism at Bikham Academia, and for good reason. A syllabus focused on just that topic alone could last months and yet not be enough. So we blend it in simultaneously with your main program to make sure you don’t face a massive culture-shock when you land at Heathrow Airport.

Internationalism is a lifestyle at Bikham Academia!

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