Working as a Medical Biller from Home

With a majority of jobs now under transition from the traditional offices to home-based remote work, it would be interesting to see if this evolution has an equal impact on the field of medical billing or not.

Working remotely from your home offers flexibility in work hours. However, there are some requirements for the same. In order to work from home, you must have access to Wi-Fi or high-speed internet while you are working.

A person can literally be traveling and still working remotely (doing work on a beach in Hawaii comes to mind), but remote working requires access to internet via a secure connection to regulate HIPAA compliance.

No wonder, remote medical billing and coding is leveraged by many employers, however each one of them has their own requirements for HIPAA privacy and information security. Medical coding and billing can be the easiest careers to work from home, as long as you are working with a reputable firm. One can also chose to work independently or just work as an employee.

Medical billers working from home are tasked with translating a provider’s medical records involving patient encounters into modifiers, ICD-10 diagnosis and latest HCPCS procedure codes to be filled in claim forms. These claim forms need to be submitted to insurance payers within the TFL (Timely Filing Limit). Hence, it becomes important for medical billers working remotely to collect all records and information on a timely basis.


Work from anywhere: You can be on vacation, different places every time, and still work remotely if necessary.

Work anytime: Flexible schedules as per your convenience.

Zero Commute: No costs associated with commuting to work on weekdays.

Time for family: More time to spend with your loved ones.

Money Savings: Decreased need of car maintenance, fuel charges eliminated.

Less stressful, Avoided micromanaging.

Perceived Disadvantages

Reduced interaction with others leading to a communication gap.

Increased attention towards protecting patient info and following HIPAA compliance, leading to stress.

The final word

In order to be truly successful while working remotely for the medical billing and coding profession, one must always ensure that they adhere to “The Golden Rules of Working Remotely”, that are as follows:

Being result-oriented

Maintain self-discipline and commitment to work.

Follow the same regime every day so you don’t miss out on important calls related to work.

Be an independent worker and manage time accordingly.

Stay organized.

Set up a separate space from work away from your bedroom. (PS: Trust me it helps.)

Starting to work remotely may completely and positively agree with the lifestyle of many. If not for everyone, for some, remote billing and coding can be a viable and productive way to work in the healthcare industry.

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