How long does it take to become a medical biller?

The time it would take for the medical biller training to complete is generally the time you would need to be officially designated as a medical biller. However, this duration depends on several factors like if you are going to take on online classes or actual full-time classroom learning, whether you are looking for a certification or a degree, and if you prefer physician based coding or facility-based coding.

Each of these modes of learning has its own set of costs and timelines of completion. The American Academy of Professional Coders (AAPC) offers a course in CPC (Certified Professional Coder) for physician-based coding and also has an online certification program that takes as little as four months at $1500.

The American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA), offers courses for facility-based coding and has both certification and degree programs available. Their Online Coding Basics Program can be completed in 15 months.
There are several online certification programs in billing and coding that can be completed in less than a year. However, if you are looking for a degree or associate course, the duration might extend to two years, whereas, bachelor’s programs can take up to four years, classroom or online.

The Medical Coding and Billing Certificate programs, independent of AAPC and AHIMA are usually short-term and prepare you for the final certification exam. These programs allow you to graduate, sit for the certification, and enter the workforce easily.

If you choose to take an independent certificate program affiliated with the AAPC or AHIMA, you will be equipped with the basics and the skills you need to be successful. These courses can range from three months to twelve months depending upon the curriculum being used.

Online courses offer more flexibility and you are more able to learn at your own pace.
At the end of the day, how long it takes you to complete a course or program is dependent upon the choice of your classroom setting.

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