How do you become a medical biller?

Medical billers are experts whose job is to translate a healthcare service into a medical claim for submission to insurance companies. For those looking to pursue a career full of growth and knowledge, medical billing is the career. Because people will always be visiting doctors, there’s no stopping to growth in this field. By getting certified as well as gaining practical experience, one can become a certified medical biller.
While you may be wondering how to start, we have collected some tips below.

Recognize your options
One doesn’t necessarily need a certification to work as a medical biller. However, it’s always a good idea to consider having one through independent or primary billing organizations. The American Health Information Management Association, the American Medical Billing Association, and the American Academy of Professional Coders run courses in medical billing. Not only will these programs give you the necessary knowledge, but exposure to the latest medical billing norms as well.

Obtain required education
To begin with, one would at least need a high school diploma or Graduation to be a medical biller. Some programs such as AAPC may require an associate’s degree and coursework in anatomy, physiology or related fields. One may also need vocational training for certification.
Consider getting enrolled in some required courses or taking classes that will boost your basic knowledge. The more classes you take, the more it will help you.

Register for a certification program.
Consider being registered with independent and recognized programs such as AAPC or AHIMA for certification purposes. Each of these programs has different requirements. However, they all constitute the basic components of education followed by a certification examination.
Review the features of each program to see what suits your needs the best.

Submit an application for certification.
Once you’re done with the education and pre-certification requirements, make sure to apply with the certifying authority for a certification exam.
Schedule an exam date from among the options available in your area.
Obtain letters of recommendation and employer verification as well. Pay the fee necessary to sit in the exam.

Apply for jobs
Once you become a certified medical biller, you have options of working in different professional environments. Depending on your preferences and experience, you may opt for work at a hospital, physician’s office or some other healthcare facility.

Gain experience
Being a medical biller can be rewarding, however, it also demands sittings of long hours and deciphering the doctor’s script. You may also be required to work more during peak times, but will also receive perks for the same like longer vacation times

Figuring out if you can take on this career path and maintain the lifestyle, may help in forming the final decision on what kind of certification you want.

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